Friday, April 16, 2010

Two New Contest!

Two New Contest!

Isn’t that just how it works? I don’t have any new ones to put up for a while then all of a sudden I have two. :)

So, the first is Writer’s Digest Annual contest. They are looking for everything from short stories, to poetry, to screen plays, to inspiration and beyond. Take a chance on this one! Grand prize is $3000 dollars and a “meet and editor” trip to New York. There is an entry fee and the deadline is May 14th…again, just take the chance!

Next: Writer-Blogger, Sarah Wylie is running a contest to celebrate the acceptance of her book by a publisher (everyone clap). :D
Anyway, to celebrate she is offering several prizes, including critiques of query letters, manuscripts, books, Twizzlers, and even a chance to have lunch with an agent. Contest ends April 25!
….Again, take the chance. ;)

That's all for now my friend. :)

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